Frequently Asked Questions


How do you get the information you use to construct the song?

We do an interview with you either over the phone, via email, or through a fax. We want to find out the type of things that might make your gift song interesting. What is the recipient's name? What is their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/significant other's name? Are they into sports? Where do they work? What type of food do they like? What don't they like? Are they tall or short? We also try to find out what type of music the song should be and whether you want the song to be G, PG, or R rated. Information that will help make the song humorous is most desired.

Who writes the lyrics?

The lyrics are written by the lyric writing team from the band Pfiesteria. Pfiesteria is an improvisational rock band from Raleigh that has a knack for coming up with lighthearted, goofy lyrics about a variety of topics.

What happens to the personal information that you gather in order to write the song?

We will not sell, give, or otherwise transmit your email address to anyone else -- we hate spam as much as anyone. You can get more information by reading our Privacy Policy.

What type of music will the song be?

The song will be nominally a guitar rock song with 2 or 3 verses, maybe a refrain or two, maybe a guitar solo. There will be different genres to pick from to give some variation in the type of song, but it will generally rock and not be a piano ballad or anything like that.

Who plays the song?

The songs will be performed by the band Pfiesteria.

Will I get a CD?

Yes -- you will get a CD with an audio portion and a data portion. The audio portion will play in a normal CD player. The data portion will contain the lyric sheet, cover art, and MP3 file of the song, as well as other bonus material. You may even get an alternate version of your song if we made a couple different versions while producing your gift.

Will I get an MP3 file of the song?

Yes -- the CD will have a data portion with an MP3 file of the song. We can also email you the MP3 if you so desire.

Will I get a lyric sheet of the song?

The lyric sheet will be contained on the data portion of the CD.

What else do I get?

The CD will be packaged in a custom-made sleeve reflecting the gift's recipient and the special occasion for which the song was given.

Who owns the rights to the song?

The writing and publishing rights to the song are owned entirely by TarHeel Carolina Studios and Pfiesteria. However, you as the customer get non-exclusive distribution rights to the song. You can freely give copies away to anyone you want to, post it on a web site, upload it to the Internet other ways, pretty much anything, at no additional cost, as long as you aren't selling your song.

Can I share the song with friends and family?

Please do. If you like the song please tell your friends. We will give you promotional material on the CD to help spread the word about "The Song's For You"

Can I get more copies of my CD?

We will, for a charge, supply multiple copies of the song CD. However, since there are no restrictions on the duplication of your CD, and the data portion of the CD contains all information necessary to create an exact duplicate with all associated artwork, you can always burn additional copies yourself, and print out the cover art and insert it into your own CD case if you like.

How fast can you make my song for me?

Normally we need to allow 4 weeks from the time we do your interview until you get your CD. This allows for time to write your lyrics, make necessary recordings, produce the lyric sheet and CD, and ship the product to you via USPS First Class mail. It may not take that long. However, for an additional fee, we will expedite your song through the process, and we can ship using faster means. Note that Expedited, ASAP Production services, and the rock opera may not be available depending on the production load at TarHeel Carolina Studios.