Original, personalized, humorous songs for special occasions

"This Song's For You"

The most memorable gift you can give.

All of us know someone who deserves to be celebrated for their unique contributions and achievements, or perhaps recognized on a special occasion, or maybe... just for being who they are.

Now you can do what only Heads of State and Kings once did... COMMISSION A WORK OF ART!

What better way to celebrate the life and accomplishments of someone you love than to give them an original, custom made, one-of-a-kind tribute in the form of a singularly distinct statement... AN ORIGINAL SONG!

Imagine the thrill those you choose to honor will experience when they hear music and lyrics designed just for them and about them. A generous and unforgettable gift they will cherish forever and be able to share with others.

TarHeel Carolina Studios, in conjunction with Pfiesteria, will create your song based on information you provide about that the individual and occasion you choose to honor.

And when you present it to them you can say that truly,

"This Song's for You"

Bachelor Parties
Sports Victories
Family Reunions
Shotgun Weddings
Team Events
"This Song's For You" is a product of TarHeel Carolina Studios